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Dispersed sewage treatment technologies & series products
Technological principle

(1) The product system is complete and realized factory design, prefabrication, modularization and assembly, easily adjusting to local conditions, thus meeting the various water quantity and quality needs.

(2) The system has a number of core technologies to miniaturize the advanced technology and refine the hydraulic design. the system can resist the impact load caused by fluctuation of water quality and quantity and has high technical guarantee.

(3) Fully automatic, unattended, simple and convenient for operation and maintenance.

(4) The system realizes the regional centralized wireless remote monitoring and mobile patrol. the system is real-time, efficient, stable, reliable, and can greatly reduce the workload of on-site maintenance.

(5) Various construction and installation forms, such as factory building, above ground, semi-underground, underground and mobile are available to meet different application environments.

(6) Among the similar products, the system has a higher performance cost ratio and better competitive advantages in investment and operation costs.

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