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Scheme  introduction

The pesticide wastewater is unstable in water quality and quantity, with high pollutant concentration and toxicity. The wastewater contains toxic substances such as benzene, phosphorus, phenol, arsenic, mercury and many poor biodegradable substances. The wastewater has high COD and irritating odor, which is harmful to human lungs and respiratory tract.


The wastewaters discharged from filtration, washing, extraction, equipment cleaning and other processes of these fine chemical products are characterized with complicated components, high organic matter content, poor biodegradability, strong microbial toxicity, intermittent discharge and high fluctuation of water quality, which is belonged to industrial wastewater type that is difficult to treat.


LONGANTAI pretreatment system can effectively degrade the toxic pollutants in wastewater, reduce microbial toxicity, improve biodegradability. The high  removal ratio of COD reduces the operation load of the subsequent biochemical systems, and ensures a stable operation of biochemical systems.


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