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Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Sci-tech Co.,Ltd.

Total Solution Provider For Wastewater

        Shandong Long Antai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, the national high-tech enterprise, national specialized fine special new "little giant" enterprise, Shandong Gazelle enterprise, provincial specialized fine special new enterprise, invisible champion enterprise, provincial "one enterprise one technology" R & D center, provincial industrial design center. Focusing on the efficient treatment and comprehensive utilization of industrial wastewater and high-salt refractory wastewater, the company integrates R&D and manufacturing, process design, project construction and water operation to provide high-value solutions and key equipment for the market.

      Long Antai attaches great importance to the role of research and development in the development of enterprises, and now has 42 invention patents, 10 utility model patents, one provincial science and technology progress prize, and one science and Technology Progress Prize of China Environmental Protection Industry Association.

      Long Antai has accumulated rich experience in industrial wastewater, especially in the pretreatment of high-concentration wastewater, upgrading of wastewater, advanced wastewater treatment, and comprehensive treatment of high-salt wastewater. It has strong strength and perfect quality system in the research and development and manufacturing of water treatment catalysts and key equipment.

      Longantai is an excellent water treatment solution provider, water treatment key equipment manufacturer and water operator in China. The projects he has served have been extensively reported by many mainstream media such as China Environment News,, Phoenix Net,, provincial satellite TV and so on.

      Longantai is a cooperative and open platform, where there is a perfect innovation system, mature practical technology and exquisite manufacturing technology, here gathers a group of sentient, responsible, grateful and dare to exceed the elite, the continuous development of Longantai is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends in the world, seek common development, and make continuous contribution to the cause of human environment and sustainable development. We will take "serve customers, build a beautiful home" as the enterprise mission, with dreams, responsibilities, gratitude, with a humble attitude, wholehearted service, and friends from all walks of life together to care for our beautiful home of blue water, blue sky, peace and harmony.


Dream Responsibility Gratitude and Excellence
Longantai sincerely admits elites from all walks of life, and has set up a professional R&D, technology and engineering team, and commits to develop advanced technologies for environmental protection, thus providing satisfied services to users with advanced products and technology.
Domestic Water Treatment Overall Plan Provider

Corporate vision: Longantai will endeavor to integrates science & technology with environmental protection perfectly, and provide advanced environmental protection solutions with low energy consumption.

Development concept: To be precise and professional, to be bigger and powerful, to be honest and trustworthy, thus to share win-win results.

Core Values: Dream, Responsibility, Gratitude and Excellence

Enterprise Mission: devote to human environment and sustainable development