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Scheme  introduction

There are many kinds of chemical intermediates, so the properties of intermediates wastewater is complex, containing various accelerators, aniline, toluene and other byproducts in the production process, as well as high concentration of sodium salt. Moreover, the concentration of organic pollutants and COD are high, the accelerants inside have high toxicity to microorganisms, therefore the biochemical treatment is difficult.


The wastewater consists of raw materials with benzene containing and heterocyclic compounds, reaction intermediates, oligomers and products, as well as a large number of salts, organic sulfides and organic amines. Therefore, the wastewater is  complicated, with BOD5/COD of about 0.04, which is basically non-biochemical.  LONGANTAI multi-stage catalytic oxidation processes can be applied to achieve a removal rate of more than 95% of pollutants in wastewater for recycling wastewater .


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