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Detailed  introduction

DBO(Design-Build-Operate, design-build-operate)

LONGANTAI designed and constructed a public facility, and was responsible for the  facility operation to meet the requirements from the public sector during project operation.  LONGANTAI was responsible for the repair, maintenance and replacement of the facilities that have exceeded their lifetime during the contracted period. when the contract expired, the ownership of the assets was transferred back to the public sector.

The DBO mode can separate the property right owner from the operation subject, seperate investment from constructions,   also be conducive to transfer and define the pollution responsibility and pollution control responsibility. This mode helps the owner to improve the efficiency of project construction and operation, and is more conducive to the long-term service quality guarantee and operation efficiency of the project.

Entrusted operation

By overall arrangement of human, technical and other resources to reduce operating costs, LONGANTAI will provide excellent urban water supply and sewage treatment management experience for enterprises with the optimal resources allocation.

Pay much attention to operation. This mode release the investment body from construction affairs. As an outstanding and professional sewage treatment operator, LONGANTAI Focuses on improving its own operation and management level to provide stable and high-quality services.

Low-cost. Thismode makes the financial calculation simple and transparent. The operation cost of the entrusted agency is mainly composed of production costs (water, electricity, pharmacy, normal maintenance fees, etc.), personnel salaries (wages and subsidies), management costs (office, travel, post and telecommunications, security, green maintenance, etc.) and corresponding taxes and fees.

Low-risk The duration of entrusted projects is generally 5-8 years per phase, which makes the prediction of various risks that may occur during the cooperation easier and clearer, and the risk control is also significantly strengthened.

Easy for supervision. The entrusted operation mode does not involve the transfer of project asset rights and interests. Under the premise of the ownership, the owner only needs to focus on strengthening the operation supervision of the sewage treatment plant, thus reducing various risks during the investment and construction processes.