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LAC Landfill Leachate Full Volume Direct Discharge Technology


LAC-I multi-media catalytic oxidation system adopts the reaction system composed of LAC-I catalyst produced by our company and supporting facilities to treat wastewater. The system can effectively degrade refractory compounds, such as large organic molecules with rings, phenyl, chelating groups, etc into small molecules through the catalytic oxidation, thus greatly reducing COD and organic nitrogen, and finally greatly reducing organic matters and organic nitrogen in effluent after flocculation and precipitation.  The effluent of LAC-I system flows into LAC-II catalytic oxidation system for advanced oxidation,in which reduces ammonia nitrogen/total nitrogen in wastewater simultaneously. The final effluent of LAC-II can be qualified discharge directly.

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(1) The reaction is carried out at normal temperature and pressure, and the operation is safe, simple and flexible;

(2) Various combined kinds of electric energy excitation catalysts can be customized efficiently and stably.

(3) The catalyst carrier is a stable alloy without consumption, the chemical properties of catalytic components are stable.

toxic free, long service life and reusable, ensuring lasting and efficient catalytic reaction;

(4) Modular assembly of LAC-II multi-media catalytic oxidation system can be fast installed for engineering application. the system is highly automatic with less manual operation;

(5) The reaction equipment is compactwith small floor area, thus shortening civil engineering period of foundation construction , and saving civil engineering investment;

(6)LAC-II system has fast degradation speed and low energy consumption.  When applied for pretreatment, the toxic pollutants can be decomposed or converted, the biodegradability of the wastewater can be improved. When applied to advanced treatment, the effluent can be qualified discharged.