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Integrated Technology for Safe Guarantee of Reclaimed Water Quality


With the development of wastewater reuse requirement, the water quality safety of the reclaimed water has attracted increasing attention.  Reclaimed water from sewage contains tens of thousands of pollutants. Ensuring the safety of recycling sewage has become the main aim of the reclaimed water development worldwide.  Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has established a quintuplicate safety guarantee system of detection and evaluation, source control, treatment process control, disinfection, storage and distribution, which can ensure the safe reuse of reclaimed water very well.


With the continuous scale expansion of the construction and utilization of reclaimed water throughout the country, how to ensure the safe reuse of reclaimed water has become an urgent challenge for the upgrading  sewage treatment.  Based on its own positioning and development advantages, Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved  key breakthroughs in the field of reclaimed water safety assurance technology after 10 years‘ continuous research. the company has established a reclaimed water safety monitoring and evaluation system, a reclaimed water safety assurance technology system and a reclaimed water safety reuse ecological environment restoration, a maintenance and improvement technology system.  The research and development of the above-mentioned technologies have greatly improved the risk management and technical support level of the reclaimed water reuse, thus cinverting the company a follower to a leader in this field worldwide.

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