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Mobile skid-mounted environmental emergency disposal vehicle
Technological principle

The mobile skid-mounted environmental emergency disposal vehicle is a mobile platform specially built for  sudden sewage and wastewater leakage accidents. It can arrive the designated site for emergency disposal within the shortest time.  The environmental emergency disposal vehicle is composed of a vehicle with a loading part and a container-type integrated sewage treatment unit.  The cargo container can be equipped with electrochemical catalytic oxidation, multiphase catalytic oxidation, ozone catalytic oxidation, electrocatalytic oxidation and other physicochemical process units alternatively, and can select different types of process combinations according to different wastewater quality. the system  installs various types of inlet lift pumps, high-efficiency flocculation sedimentation tanks, dosing integrated machines, etc.


The process is simple, reasonable and wide in applicability.

Compact structure, convenient transportation and installation

Simple operation, stable and reliable performance


● Landfill leachate

 -It can effectively remove harmful refractory organic pollutants in wastewater. The treated wastewater can be collected and connected (sent) to the sewage plant nearby for subsequent treatment.

● Electroplating wastewater;  Printing wastewater;  Mining wastewater;  Other wastewater containing heavy metals

 -heavy metals can be removed from the above wastewater;

● Slaughterhouse wastewater

 -Emergency vehicles can effectively separate suspended matters from wastewater, and the removal rate of organic matters in wastewater can be reached to 90%.