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The advanced wastewater treatment project

date:2019/3/1 13:10:50 visits:

The advanced wastewater treatment project signed by Shandong Longantai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. with a wastewater treatment plant in Shandong will be formally put into operation at the end of the year.  The wastewater received by the wastewater treatment plant is composed of chemical wastewater, non-chemical industrial wastewater and sewage wastewater from the industrial park.  The chemical industrial wastewater has the characteristics of toxicity and irritation, high concentration of organic matter, complex composition, unstable pH value, many nutritive substances, difficulty for futher treatment with poor biodegradability.  In response to the above technical difficulties,LONGANTAI provides a customized total solution, in which different components in the wastewater are targeted treated, combined with the latest LCO ozone catalytic oxidation process developed by the company, to overcomes perfectly the technical difficulties, and the water finally be qualified discharge, which  gains unanimously recognized by the customer.


Project scale: 10000m3/d


Main Process: Original Process +LCO


Highlights of the project: mature technology, investment saving, small floor area, flexible operation, convenient management and stable effluent.