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A coal chemical industry co., ltd in Qian 'an

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Project Profile:A coal chemical industry LTD company in Qian 'an City, Hebei Province is a state-owned coal chemical enterprise developed jointly by Shougang Group and Kailuan Group, with a designed annual coke output of 330 million tons.  The coking wastewater produced is a kind of phenol-containing wastewater with high COD, high ammonia nitrogen and hard for biodegradation. The wastewater components are complex with high content of heterocyclic and polycyclic toxic substances.  In recent years, the discharge requirements for this coking wastewater are becoming stricter, some are even required for reuse, which makes advanced treatment and reuse of coking wastewater urgent.


Our company provided an advanced electrochemical catalytic oxidation treatment system after theirbiochemical wastewater treatment system. The wastewater enters the advanced electrochemical catalytic oxidation treatment system after the previous biochemical treatment. then is reused combined with other reuse process. The project was put into operation in March 2013, reached the design requirements in May 2013, and is currently running stably.